On paper, smoking weed and doing yoga sounds like a match made in heaven. However, that may not be the general consensus from yoga experts. Your intention in your yoga practice always plays a huge role in whether or not consuming weed beforehand is recommended.

Weed And Yoga Don’t Always Mix

Relying on weed to enhance yoga practice is generally not considered to be a good idea. If you’re getting high before every session,  it could lead to injury, particularly during more intense or advanced sessions. Marijuana can alter the receptors in your body and brain that regulate pain. It also can cause a decline in your motor skills.

If you’re trying to do some of the more complicated yoga moves or anything upside down, like a handstand, you could be setting yourself up for injury by getting high beforehand.

When Weed With Yoga Might Be More Appropriate

That being said, during a low-intensity yoga session, weed can certainly enhance the experience. If the yoga session is more meditative without asking the body to perform moves that require much balance, it might be safe to take a hit or two beforehand.

Marijuana is known to heighten the senses as well as create, deep, meandering thought, so it is easy to see how pairing it with child’s pose could be pretty amazing.

The Spiritual Side Of Yoga May Contradict Pairing It With Weed

Substances of any kind being used as an escape from reality undermine some of the core tenets of yoga. From a spiritual perspective, yoga is a practice that encourages us to look inward and free ourselves from old patterns. It is a practice of mindfulness of the body and mind in space and time. As such, weed, which creates a mask over the present reality, is not exactly compatible.

Often times, smoking weed allows us to coast through our lives and feelings rather than take a good hard look at ourselves and our behaviors. Yoga guides us toward the opposite, and if you’re doing yoga for those spiritual benefits, you may be hard pressed to get them if you’re smoking weed before practicing.