Morph Academy

Do you take great selfies on your phone? Are you always posting amazing concert photos to Instagram? Well, you could possibly find a career as a professional photographer. If you’re looking to take classes, you can see that many of them are expensive. Fortunately, there’s cheaper options for you.

A Perfect Entry

When it comes to cameras, DSLR are the most popular ones for the clearest shots. They’re also the most expensive, with prices reaching as high as $6,000. For only $24, you can grab the DSLR Photography Bundle. This bundle includes two courses: Advanced Digital Photography and Beginner Digital Photography.

Both courses will be taught by Ken Schultz, who has spend 30 years as a professional photographer. Once you purchase this online package, you have infinite access to your training material. Combined, you’ll have 11 hours of videos to help you perfect your shot.

An Advanced Offering

If you’re trying to get a more intense training, the Hollywood Art Institute has the right course for you. Their Photography Course & Certification package features a whopping 56 hours of content. With a string of talented professionals to guide you, you’ll be able to have that fantastic image for your social media.

While the original price was $2,595, you can grab it for only $20. This also includes a free five year subscription to the Pro Article Database.

It’s Up To You

Some of the most popular bundles in recent memory have been “pay what you want.” The Professional Photography Bundle includes seven items that are worth a combined $630. You can pick up all seven programs for only $15.22. Some of these programs include The Ultimate Guide To Using Off-Camera Flash and Mastering Photographic Exposure: Learn The Fundamentals.

If you don’t want to spend anything, you can simply grab Ten Top Tips: Be More Creative With Your Camera for free. After all, practice makes perfect.