When it comes to workouts, chafing is something everyone tries to avoid. Having a burning sensation on your skin can make things difficult in the gym. Sometimes, wearing the right kind of clothes isn’t enough. We look at five great items that will aid you in preventing chafing from occurring.

On The Trail

To prevent your toes from getting blisters, Trail Toes will provide you with high-quality protection. This cream was created by Army orthopedic physician assistant MAJ Vincent M. Antunez. As a marathon runner, Antunez knew first hand about the hazards of chafing. Following a tour in Afghanistan, he developed this cream to aid everyone from runners to soldiers.

It’s In The Bag

Bag Balm was originally founded in 1899 to help stop cows’ skin from getting dry. Over time, the creators discovered that humans can also benefit from this product. This ointment is packed with lanolin, which is made from sheep wool fat. Aside from cows and humans, dogs can also use this product for their dry noses.

The Healing Power

Since 1872, vaseline has been used for almost everything. With so many advanced creams in the market, it’s still a go-to product today. Many people tend to carry a spare case in their gym bag. If you’re in a rush, you can pick some vaseline for cheap at your local store.

Heart Of Gold

Gold Bond is easily the most trusted skincare brand on the market. Gold Bond’s Friction Defense works on even the most sensitive skin. If you’re worried about any possible odors, this comes in an unscented cream as well. Gold Bond’s Friction Defense also ditches any greasy residue left with other creams.

Glide On By

BodyGlide’s original anti-chafe balm is perfect for those hard to reach spots. With all-day protection, you don’t have to worry about applying it hours later. BodyGlide’s products are 100% vegan-friendly with ingredients that are entirely plant-based. Since 1996, athletes from all over the world have praised BodyGlide’s overall performance. So, this product is athlete-tested and approved!