We all find ourselves in a rut now and then, whether it’s an inability to ask for a raise, or too much debt that we can’t figure out how to repay, or even a job that we no longer find fulfilling. Life tends to hand us personal and professional situations we feel powerless to change. Ruts are tough to get out of.

Ramit Sethi is an entrepreneur and financial advisor. There are plenty of self-help books and courses that might help you ditch the bad habits, but the video course Mental Mastery by Ramit Sethi is the one to check out.

Learn From The Master

Sethi started his empire in 2004 and in 2009 he published the bestselling book I Will Teach You To Be Rich. He has also been profiled in Fortune magazine. Sethi’s teachings are not esoteric or complicated. He offers simple tips that will help you reach your goals. His blog I Will Teach You To Be Rich is a way to familiarize yourself with his style of teaching, and a great resource. Sethi’s understanding of psychology helps students learn to understand themselves and their motivations, which makes it possible for real change to occur.

Learn From The Mental Master

Sethi realized a few years ago that for most of us, our dreams and goals get sidelined because we do not know “mental mastery.” He started researching how successful people became successful. A key characteristic of successful people is that they focus on solutions, not problems. They focus on doing, not doubting.

Sethi realized that actions – not reactions – were key. As he notes, “What if you could stop reacting to everyone else…and start building the life you really want?”

Sethi’s courses take each student through a step by step process of identifying how their doubts and fears prevent them from reaching goals, and he explains the strategies to reach those goals. Sethi’s course teaches you how to be what he characterizes as “a winner.” In the videos, Sethi teaches you how to be more confident, face down and overcome your fears, and quell inner doubts. He also teaches learners how to make choices that are based on optimism and positivity.

If you are determined to break out of your ruts and make your dreams come true, check out Ramit Sethi’s Mental Mastery course. He gives you the tools to make real changes in your life.