“No pain, no gain” is a terrible exercise mantra. Pain is the body’s way of signaling that there’s a problem. By ignoring these signs, a workout can lead to debilitating injury. There are some exercises that are best avoided because their potential for injury is too high.

Dangers Of Smith Machine Squats

Squats are only safe because they put more pressure on the extremely hardy leg and thigh muscles. Neither the back nor the knees are made to endure the brunt of your body weight.

When squatting using a smith machine, both the lower back and the knees naturally bear the brunt of your body weight and the weights you’re holding. Even with the best of form, there is too much pressure on the back and knees. Both of these areas of the body are relatively injury prone and can easily become fatigued.

Superman Is A Villain

The superman stretch involves lying flat on your stomach, lifting your legs and arms into the air (sort of like Superman does when he’s flying,) and holding that position. This works the chest and back muscles.

It is very easy to overwork and even injure the back when doing this exercise. Lifting either the arms or the legs just a few centimeters too high or low can be the difference between a great workout and serious back injury.

Bodyweight Is Better

Trainers agree that bodyweight exercises are much safer for the body. Each person’s bodyweight is specific to them, and they are more likely to be able to handle it.

When using a machine, the machine could be too heavy for the individual and the user can add more weight than is safe for them. Exercise should challenge muscles but not to the point of strain or fatigue.