When it comes to haircare, bathrooms around the world are plagued with plastic bottles. The average person doesn’t realize the hazardous effects plastic has on the environment. If you’re looking to reduce your bottle collection, these alternatives are perfect for you.

Plaine Products reusable bottles

Lindsey McCoy started Plaine Products as a way to save the environment from discarded plastic. Before using reusable aluminum bottles, the company tested out other alternatives.

“At first, we tried stainless steel, but it rusted. That was an expensive lesson in that there are multiple kinds of stainless steel and only one kind, the most expensive kind, doesn’t rust. That led us to aluminum and there were concerns about leaching with aluminum, but our bottles have a cosmetic liner in them that’s PVC and PBA free,” McCoy told BeautyScapes.

If you’re loving a specific product, you can enroll in their subscription service. This enables you to swap your empty bottle with a full replacement. That empty bottle you send back will be reused for someone else’s order.

Lamazuna natural cosmetics

In 2010, Jessica Blackler began Lamazuna to deliver eco-friendly cleaning wipes.

“When I had the idea of our still big hit ecological cleansing wipes, I surfed the French and international web to check if anyone else already had the same idea. It seemed that only one person had but I couldn’t even find a brand name. The wipes were just appearing on one marketplace and the product was not looking good. It really confirmed that I had to do something with my idea,” she explains on her website.

Over time, the company added more products to its web store, including various haircare items. Aside from being plastic-free, Lamazuna’s products are also vegan-friendly.

Lush shampoo bars

Founded in 1995, Lush has become a major name in the cosmetics world. For those looking to completely get rid of bottles, their shampoo bars are essential.

“Because they’re solid and self-contained, our shampoo bars don’t require any packaging at all, and we take pride in selling them naked, without a stitch of wrapping,” Lush states on their website.

At only around 2 ounces, each bar equals 24 ounces of liquid shampoo. That’s about two or three bottles you won’t have lying around in the bathroom. Shampoo bars come in numerous styles, including Godiva, soak and float, and seanik.

Flora & Fauna shampoo bars

Flora & Fauna prides itself on delivering products without harming any living creature.

“In 2014, I was buying lipstick and had no idea what it was made of or if it had been tested on animals. From that day forward, I sought to remedy that situation so people have a place they can shop where products are natural, ingredients are non-toxic and transparent and no animals have been harmed in any way whether it be ingredients or animal testing,” founder Julie Mathers told Mademoiselle Organic.

Their shampoo bars incorporate plant oils to increase productivity while washing hair. If you have oily or curly hair, they have specific bars fit for you.

Nohbo moisturizing shampoo drops

At the age of 17, Benjamin Stern appeared on Shark Tank to pitch his new product Nohbo. With funding from Mark Cuban, Stern was able to make his plastic-free dream a reality.

“Nohbo is a really exciting twist on an age-old wasteful delivery system. We have figured out a way to eliminate the need for plastic bottles in personal care products such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash or shaving cream by creating a single-use, water-soluble apparatus that dissolves 100 percent,” Stern told New Hope Network.

Their shampoo drops work by simply dissolving in your hands in the shower.