Anxiety may be more widely treated and understood in modern society, yet treatments are often costly and time-consuming. What if there was a simpler way to treat your anxiety at home… and you could find it in your local grocery store?

An Epidemic Of Anxiety

Are you one of the billions of people who feel the pressures of chronic anxiety on a daily basis? Nearly a third of the population will experience an anxiety disorder in their lifetime. While symptoms can be detrimental, a number of treatments have been created in the last decade to better treat anxiety.

New advancements in psychology and psychiatry have allowed for many who live with anxiety to better cope with their disorders. Treatments such as therapy and medication have been useful in the widespread treatment of these illnesses across the globe. However, there are many factors standing in the way of many who wish to utilize these treatments.

The Issue With Treatment – And A New Option

Unfortunately, solutions like therapy and prescription medications are often pricey and difficult to obtain. This can leave those who can’t afford the steep price of these treatments feeling hopeless in their anxiety. Fortunately, besides meditation and yoga, there may be a new, cheaper way to treat your anxiety at home.

If you venture down the supplements aisle at your local grocery, you’ll likely be able to find omega-3 supplements for an affordable price. You may not have heard of omega-3, yet it is essential for our brain’s functioning, and a deficiency can result in anxiety disorders. While the effectiveness of omega-3 for quelling anxiety has been debated, a recent study can put some controversy to rest.

Proof Of Its Effectiveness

Two researchers, Professor Kuan-Pin Su and Dr. Yutaka Matsuoka, recently performed a series of studies to show the effects of omega-3 supplements on anxiety. At the conclusion of their studies, the duo found out that omega-3 could be attributed to a major decrease in anxiety for people living with anxiety disorders. Additionally, they made an interesting discovery that seems to unequivocally prove its effectiveness.

For those without anxiety disorders, they hardly felt a difference in their daily anxiety levels. Yet, those with anxiety disorders noted the most drastic changes in their stress levels. This only seems to reinforce the link between omega-3 deficiency and anxiety. If you live with an anxiety disorder, consider tossing some omega-3 supplements into your cart next time you’re out shopping!