Do you have a “type” when it comes to finding people attractive? As it turns out, there are plenty of traits that draw us to the appearances of others, whether we realize it or not. In fact, many of the features of beauty that we unconsciously value may surprise you! These are five traits that have been shown to make people more attractive to others.

Lovely Eyes

When you get lost in the eyes of someone who you’re attracted to, it isn’t all in your head. A number of studies have shown that people view eyes as the most important facial feature of a potential partner. While people have different preferences for eye color, shape, or position, it seems to be unanimous that eyes are highly valued when deciding someone’s attractiveness.

Symmetrical Features

Humans are attracted to symmetry in everything: art. nature, and especially people. Scientifically, people tend to find symmetrical faces much more attractive than unsymmetrical faces. While there’s not a clear reason for this that’s been outlined, people tend to find those with symmetrical facial features to be extremely attractive in comparison to those without them.

Luscious Hair

People with shiny, luscious, and long hair are often viewed as more attractive than those without it. The reason isn’t vain; instinctually, humans view strong hair as a sign of good health, making someone with thick hair appear as an ideal partner. If you spend extra time tending to your locks, it isn’t all for nothing!

A Good Grin

It feels good to smile, but it also looks pretty good, too. People who smile and appear cheerful are often seen as healthier than those who frown. Others view their smile as an indication that they will make a positive, healthy partner. As a result, people are often attracted to those with infectious grins. You’re truly never fully dressed without a smile!

A Simple Look

As much as humans utilize makeup and beauty enhancing products, our attractiveness to one another doesn’t seem to be dependant on artificial products. Rather, people find others with simple features to be more stunning than those with an extravagantly styled look. While it may be fun to get dolled up, a plain face won’t exclude anyone from being viewed as attractive.