Pheo Coffee

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There is an international healthcare crisis happing. With so many people complaining, and rightfully so, about the skyrocketing costs of healthcare, it’s easy to forget about the billions of people that don’t have access to some of the most basic healthcare. A physician, who only goes by the name of Dr. Larry, is combatting this problem in a very delicious way.

What’s The Deal With This Coffee?

Pheo Coffee comes in different flavors, and each blend pays homage to an important person or discovery in medical history. As a punny example, the Norepi blend features a tidbit on the scientist who discovered adrenaline.

Although this coffee is extremely cool on its own, the impact the company is making on the world is even cooler.

How The Underprivileged Are Helped

Part of the money from all Pheo Coffee purchases is forwarded to a charity called Watsi. While many nonprofit organizations use a portion of donations for salaries and overhead costs, Watsi invests all donations directly into medical care.

Rather than acquiring a large staff of its own, which would require paying people, Watsi pays reputable doctors directly by crowdfunding the costs of medical and transportation expenses. Every donation from Pheo Coffee goes right into the “bucket” of funds to purchase medical care from people who either can’t afford it or live too far away from properly trained physicians.

Pheo Coffee Is A Perfect Gift

In addition to the coffee itself, Pheo Coffee also sells mugs and subscription boxes. The mugs feature the ICD-10-CM code for caffeine deficiency. The subscription boxes come with coffee as well as books.

Whether you want to gift medical care to someone needs it or give a thoughtful gift to a friend who loves medicine, Pheo Coffee is a great choice.