No one likes to think their personality makes them a magnet for psychopaths. However, certain traits you may possess can make psychopaths feel like its easier to manipulate, control, and take advantage of you. These are five mental, emotional, and social qualities that may be drawing psychopaths into your life.

You’re An Extrovert

When a woman or man is extroverted and outgoing, people may feel intimidated by their confidence and not find the courage to approach them. However, psychopaths don’t feel threatened by a socially powerful partner. They can appear extremely self-confident and charismatic right off the bat. Extroverts can feel like they’ve met their perfect match when charmed by a psychopath.

You’re Typically Shy

You don’t have to be an extrovert for psychopaths to be drawn to you. When someone is generally withdrawn or quiet in social scenarios, psychopaths take notice. Since shyness is usually synonymous with a lack of confidence, psychopaths find this personality type easier to control. They’re less likely to be assertive and stand up for themselves when a psychopath is acting out, lying, or showing aggressive behaviors.

You’re Codependent

If you are the empowering, nurturing figure in a codependent relationship, the person on the other end isn’t likely emotionally mature. People who are codependent often seek out people they can support and “fix.” Usually, this includes people who are psychopaths. Since psychopaths are often manipulative in relationships, people who thrive through codependency are easier to be controlled and gaslighted.

You’re Easily Trusting

If you tend to surrender trust to anyone without making them earn it, you’re likely susceptible to the influence of psychopaths. Showing compassion and loyalty isn’t a flaw, but psychopaths will manipulate these traits to force you to stand by them as they grow increasingly problematic. They know they can depend on you to fulfill their emotional needs and will take advantage of this in their most disturbing moments.

You’re Empathetic

People who are highly empathetic tend to easily surrender support for others who seem to be struggling. Because of this, psychopaths find good partners with them, Empathetic people refuse to give up on psychopaths as their behaviors become more alarming, making them ideal bonds for psychopaths. Once a strong bond is forged due to an empaths caring and supportive nature, psychopaths will take advantage of it.