electromagnetic field

PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay

During your life, you might have encountered someone who buys into the belief that your electromagnetic field controls everything in your body. If you’re in pain, it’s because your electrons and magnetic charges are out of balance. Is there any truth to this? Well, yes, in a way, but there’s more that needs to be explained. Your electromagnetic field is important for one specific reason.

You’re Made Of Atoms

Let’s go back to high school biology class. You probably studied the human body and how we’re all composed of cells, which are made of atoms. To put it simply, atoms are mostly empty space, with a center that’s full of positive charges.

If you’re still not convinced this is important, think again.

We Have An Electric Field

Every atom has an electric field, which means we have electric fields swarming around inside us. When two atoms are positioned close together, they can affect each other’s electric fields.

Atoms manage to coexist to minimize their mutual energy, and they resist pulling apart—this is what we call an atomic bond. But sometimes, they manage to bounce off each other and the atoms go flying away.

This sounds terrifying, but it’s okay. This process allows you to perform an important action every day. In fact, you’re doing it right now and you’re not even thinking about it.

Why We Have A Sense Of Touch

We often take for granted our sense of touch and the ability to feel different textures. While it’s true that our skin plays an important role in this sensation, our electromagnetic field is crucial as well.

Let’s say you’re touching your leg. The electrons in your hand are repelling those in your leg, which causes a chain reaction in the other atoms in your leg, foot, and up your body. This generates electrical signals, which connect along the nerves to your brain for you to finally process the feeling.

Every time you touch something, your electromagnetic field is working hard to send the signals to your brain. It’s the only reason you can feel anything at all. The more you know, right?