Homeopathic medicine

The Street

Homeopathic medicine is not backed by science nor medical experts. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) forces homeopathic products to say so right on the label. Yet people often believe what they want to believe, and homeopathy is no exception. Here are some common yet odd things people believe about homeopathic medicine. If you’re in that camp, this might be cause to reconsider.

It Is 100 Percent Safe

It’s not that homeopathic medicine is typically unsafe. The danger lies in situations where people use homeopathic treatments when Western medicine is necessary and died as a result. A few have even died from homeopathic treatments directly. In 2010, ten infants were given tablets for teething which included trace amounts of deadly nightshade, which led to their deaths. As such, homeopathic medicine can’t really be considered totally safe.

It’s Easier On The Wallet

There is a false assumption that homeopathic treatment is cheaper than Western medicine. This assumption may stem from the fact that a prescription is not needed for homeopathic products, giving the incorrect impression that they cost less money. In the US alone, homeopathic treatments led to $6.4 billion dollars of spending in 2012, with individuals paying up to $300 for an initial visit. Does that sound cheap to you?

The Placebo Effect Does Not Apply

The placebo effect is real. When a person believes they are receiving an effective treatment, even if they are not, studies have shown it tends to work. That might be part of why homeopathic medicine seems effective to many people. However, those who practice and use homeopathy to treat illnesses are vehement that the placebo effect does not play a significant role in homeopathy’s effectiveness. This is despite the fact that their treatments have no scientific backing.

You Need Years Of Schooling To Practice

Homeopathic medicine is unregulated, which means homeopathic practitioners can easily follow suit in that regard. You don’t need medical school to practice homeopathy. Instead, you can either pay for courses, sometimes online, or watch a few YouTube videos and call yourself an expert. It is difficult to be sure of who you are trusting with your health if you opt to go the homeopathic route.

It Is Based On Sacred, Ancient Medicine

Homeopathic medicine began in 1798. It does not date back to ancient times as many believe. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann began to distrust modern medicine around this time, claiming its positive effects were outweighed by its negative effects. He spent many years experimenting with treatments on his healthy self, concluding that they would also work on sick people. And so homeopathy was born. He officially coined the term in 1807.