If you have a dog, there’s a great chance you’ll eventually take them out to the dog park. While you think they’ll just hang out with fellow canines, you’ll run into some interesting people. We look at who you’ll meet while strolling in these parks.

People Are Strange

There are certain people that avoid any sort of human contact. They tend to sit with their pet far away from everyone. These introverted people mean absolutely no harm. They love animals of all kinds, but they’re very reserved when it comes to humans. They won’t hesitate to greet your animal, though.

Something To Talk About

Some dog owners become very talkative at the park. They ask a simple question about your dog, and they’re suddenly talking about the cosmos. These people are normally the kind that have a ton of information to share. If you’re not in a rush, you might actually learn something useful.

Trick Or Treat

It’s no secret that dogs love treats. Many of them can’t be fooled if you’re hiding some on you. There’s always one person keeping a secret stash of treats for their dogs. If they’re lucky, some other dogs might get a surprise treat from them, too.

Marking Their Territory

When you’re a dog, everything is your playground. This also means that everything is your bathroom. There’s always one person who notifies owners when their dogs relieved themselves in the park. While this may seem a bit harsh, they’re only trying to keep the space clean for everyone.

An Old Soul

There’s nothing more heartwarming than seeing an old man with his loving dog. Taking their beloved animal for a walk is one of their favorite things to do. As expected, they have many stories to tell about their time on Earth. If you’re looking to hear a grand tale, be sure to say hi.