At first, attraction seems really simple. You notice someone, like what you see, and then decide whether it’s worth taking things to the next level. This process must be unique to everyone, right?


While the rules of attraction may be slightly different for everyone, science has pinned down several features that stand out among the rest. Here are the top qualities that people can’t help but find utterly attractive.

The Body Talks

Body language tells all, and this is especially true when it comes to a sexual attraction. By positioning your body toward another person, stroking their arm, and making eye contact, this tells the person you’re with that you’re not only enjoying yourself, but you’re attracted to them, too.

And whether it’s obvious or not, people subconsciously pick up on body language a lot more than you think.

Smile Like You Mean It

When meeting someone new, the first thing people tend to notice about the other person is their smile. People are naturally attracted to those who smile more, as smiling indicates happiness. In fact, studies show men are more attracted to women who are smiling than those who aren’t.

And scientifically speaking, people with symmetrical faces are found to be the most physically attractive. However, most of us aren’t blessed with perfect, celebrity caliber symmetry. Thankfully, there’s more to attraction than physical features.

More Than Just A Pretty Face

Personality traits, especially the good ones, also play a major role in whether you find someone attractive or not. Confidence is always sexy, but another lesser-known feature of attraction is authenticity.

People tend to gravitate toward others who aren’t afraid to be who they are. You may notice someone is authentic by their openness, realistic mindset, ability to express their emotions, and their understanding nature.

So while we may not all look like Brad Pitt or Jennifer Lawrence, we can all attract kindred spirits by simply being ourselves.