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Some exercises are overly taxing on one muscle system or area of the body, but the burpee efficiently tones and strengthens the whole body at once. The simplest version of a burpee is a dynamic combination of squatting, jumping, and planking. Burpees make a perfect exercise regimen for several reasons.

Burpees Give An Even Tone

There are plenty of jokes about people becoming abnormally top or bottom heavy from doing too much of one type of exercise. There’s no risk of that happening with burpees because the exercise works the arms, back, legs, glutes, and midsection evenly. Burpees leave you looking lean and tone.

Feel The Burn

Burpees combine the benefits of cardio and strength exercise, so they burn enough calories to start showing visible results right away. According to estimates, you can burn approximately 100 calories in 10 minutes doing burpees, so 50 minutes of burpees burn an average meal’s worth of calories…or a bag of M&Ms.

Burpees Build Strength

Burpees increase strength without lifting weights or making you look bulky. While the exercise is by no means easy, it’s hard to imagine how strong you can become by doing this simple exercise regularly. The endurance necessary from arm and leg muscles to do burpees means you will gradually become stronger.

Burpees Are A Stress-Free Way Of Working Out

Burpees are a bodyweight exercise, so all you need is you to do them. No dumbbells, yoga mats, ab rollers, or resistance bands are required! Burpees only require as much space as needed to do a pushup, so you could do them in a cramped spot, such as your bedroom.

You’ll Never Get Tired Of It

Many people get bored with exercise, but that will never be a problem with burpees. There are at least 30 different types of burpees, and each one could be modified to make it easier or harder. The combinations of exercise routines are limitless. Get out there and try something new!