Ghost People


Ghosting: It happens a lot. Usually thought of as cruel, ghosting occurs when someone abruptly cuts off a relationship or friendship with no warning. They no longer answer your texts and phone calls, avoid you in public, and may even go as far as blocking you on social media.

But sometimes, this technique of cutting off a relationship is completely warranted. Here are a few instances when ghosting is totally OK, and you shouldn’t feel bad about it.

When You’ve Had “The Talk”

In most situations, being direct about wanting to end a relationship is the best way to sever ties. However, people don’t always get the message the first time around.

When you’ve been explicit about what you want, and they still don’t listen, ghosting is totally appropriate.

This isn’t just for romantic relationships, either! Sometimes people, those we considered to be friends, don’t understand when enough is enough. If you’ve already told this person you want to end the friendship, don’t be afraid to ghost them until they get the picture.

No Respect For Boundaries

If you’re dating or are friends with someone who simply can’t respect your boundaries, they simply aren’t worth your time.

Boundaries are important factors in forming healthy, respectful relationships. If you’ve been clear about what’s OK and what’s not OK, and the other person still manages to trample all over your boundaries, give ’em the ghost.

Feeling Unsafe Or Scared

It’s true, all relationships aren’t perfect. While the connections we make have their ups and downs, it’s important to realize when relationships or friendships become unhealthy.

If you feel unsafe in your current relationship, for any reason, don’t hesitate to take any measure necessary when breaking things off. This includes ghosting.

The bottom line is, relationships are supposed to make us happy and help us grow. If the people in your life don’t listen to your requests to end things, respect your boundaries, or make you feel safe, ghosting them is an effective and justified way to move on.