When it comes to your health, most people will try almost anything to protect themselves, including crazy tips found online. Unfortunately, most of these treatments seem to fall flat. However, some simple home remedies do actually work. These five unique methods will surely give you a new lease on life.

Buzzing The Bee

Cold sores can really put a damper on a night on the town. Luckily, propolis can reduce pain felt from this infection. Taking it daily for up to six months will halt any sort of return. Coming from bees, propolis may be a bit hard to grab in its pure form, so keep this in mind. You can also use propolis as a way to combat pain from mouth surgery.

A Banana A Day

Diarrhea can easily pump the brakes on your entire day. If you’re looking to rid yourself of this condition, simply eat a banana. One banana a day is enough to make your stool go back to normal. Bananas also replenish your body with potassium lost during a bout with diarrhea.

No Sleep Tonight

60 million Americans deal with insomnia every year, and the number will unfortunately keep rising. If you have this disorder, take some suntheanine before bed. Filled with L-theanine, suntheanine relaxes your brain and heightens your state of relaxation. While it’s mostly found in green tea, suntheanine can be taken as a chewable pill.

Just Like Honey

If you’re struggling through the day with constant coughing, buckwheat honey can help soothe you. As the most expensive honey, buckwheat honey can mainly be found online. Only eat a spoonful a day to calm your intense coughing patterns. Aside from coughs, buckwheat honey reduces the risks of various cardiovascular diseases.

Cover You In Oil

During the summer, bug bites can cause some serious discomfort. To reduce swelling, place some tea tree oil on the bug bite. If there’s no tea tree oil at your disposal, you can mix together some baking powder and water. As a paste, simply spread it on the bug bite.