There are 7,500 parts of the human body, and every single one of them delivers unique functions. If you ask the average person, however, they’ll probably be only to name a few of them. Fortunately, this list of five peculiar body parts will make for some interesting discussions.

Valley Of Tears

In one lifetime, an average person will cry around 64 liters of tears. A vast majority of those tears will be caught by your lacrimal puncta. Found inside your eyelids, this body part can be blocked by tiny particles. If there’s enough blockage, it can cause an overflow of tears.

New To The Masses

Discovered in 2018, the interstitium has an interesting list of benefits to the human body. This organ helps transports nutrients to various other sections, including your muscles and capillaries. It can also produce collagen, which helps prevent aging and build muscle. With its recent discovery, more benefits from this organ are sure to be unveiled.

You’re In For A Scare

Everyone gets goosebumps from certain situations such as the cold or fear. Goosebumps come straight from the arrector pilli, which is attached to our hair. While this muscle gives us a shuddering feeling, it gives other animals different abilities. The arrector pilli is the main reason behind porcupine’s quill standing straight when threatened.

Strong As A Rock

Have you ever wondered why your immune system is always intact? Well, it’s all thanks to the thymus organ. This body part, which is the source of T-cells, is placed between your heart and sternum. As a pre-teen, your thymus organ is at its most productive state.

Off The Wall

The mesentery is one of the most important tissues found in the human body. This helps connect your organs to the wall of the abdomen. Without it, your insides will be floating around with every step. Aside from keeping it all together, the mesentery helps store fat in your system.