Age Quickly

Harvard University

It’s no secret that we want to stay young forever. We hit the gym to keep hearts racing and use various creams to prevent aging. Unfortunately, you might get those early wrinkles and weakened joints because of what you eat. These five foods are making you age much faster than you want.

Got Milk?

Since birth, we were always told milk was good for us. In a shocking twist, it turns out milk reverses its bone-strengthening process. A research team in Sweden’s Uppsala University uncovered the truth following a 2014 study. That’s not the only bad thing that comes from too much milk in the system. “Those who had a high milk intake also had a 50% higher risk of hip fracture,” professor Karl Michaelsson told BBC News.

Have You Had Your Break Today?

Heading to McDonald’s for some French fries is almost second nature to most people. With so much salt thrown on, those fries can lead to water being retained in your system. This will lead to more weight being added gradually. If you’re in the mood for a snack, you can cook salt-free fries at home.

Quench Your Thirst

Many times, we often find ourselves unintentionally drinking soda when we’re out. Everyone knows how much soda can hurt your teeth. Walking around with rotten teeth from excessive Sprite drinking will damage your overall appearance. Soda can also increase body fat, which leads to issues such as heart problems.

Bring Home The Bacon

For decades, people have been talking about the negative effects of bacon and sausage. With so much fat involved, you can easily gain weight in no time. As you get older, your metabolism has a harder time trying to burn fat. While bacon is often considered healthy, its overall impact isn’t really flattering.

C Is For Cookie

Grabbing a cookie (or two) has always been a reward for many working out. Unfortunately, these delicious treats include a massive amount of trans fat. Having too much trans fat in your system can lead to a stroke. If you still want a snack, replace those cookies with apple slices.