Getting sick is something that we try to avoid at any costs. We wash our hands after using the bathroom. We make sure food is fresh before cooking. Unfortunately, there are simpler ways to find yourself looking for some medicine. You can become severely ill-doing these five simple things.

Kiss Me Deadly

Kissing is one of the finer things about having a significant other. Unfortunately, one single kiss features 80 million different kinds of bacteria. Kissing can lead to situations such as gingivitis, syphilis, and herpes. Amsterdam museum Micropia can help you determine how much bacteria is in your kiss with their Kiss-o-meter.

Tasting Last Night’s Dinner

Brushing your teeth should be one of the cleanest things you’ll do daily. Researchers from the University of Manchester in England discovered that your brush is secretly filled with feces. One reason for the feces involves brushing your teeth near the toilet. Particles will float through the air and land in your brush.

More Money, More Problems

Money may not buy happiness, but it can surely help you purchase that brand new car. One simple dollar bill is overflowing with all kinds of bacteria. It’s not hard to see why; that single dollar has probably traveled across the country through many hands. Fortunately, more companies are accepting cards, so the spreading of bacteria has been decreasing.

Answer The Phone

It’s impossible to not see someone using their cell phone while shopping or eating. People don’t stop and think about cleaning their phones. Unfortunately, one phone suffers from more bacteria than a public toilet seat. One person in Uganda was struck with Ebola after stealing a phone in 2012.

Crunchy For Other Reasons

There was nothing better than a nice peanut butter and jelly sandwich as a kid. Growing up, peanut butter is now considered hazardous. An average jar of peanut butter features at least one rodent hair and 30 insect fragments. Most of these insect parts come from postharvest handling of peanuts.