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  • Some of these fitness gifts are techie, and some are old school, but all are perfect for the fitness fans on your list

    Do you have a fitness guru in the family? Well, we’ve got you covered! Or, how about giving yourself some new workout gear? If you’ve gotten through the year and you’re still working out, give yourself a few fitness gifts.

    Let’s start with what seems to be THE gift of the year: subscription boxes. Impress the heck out of someone with a healthy meal delivery service. The types of food to choose from run the gamut. Know someone on a keto diet? How about gluten-free or vegetarian? There’s a meal delivery subscription for that. There is even a paleo-diet delivery.

    Whatever the diet, there will be a food program to match. For economical options, there are smoothie boxes or protein bar packs. To have good, healthy food delivered to the door on a regular basis seems like the coolest gift ever!

    Health and wellness accessories for girls and guys

    Water bottles can get pretty nasty from using them over and over. How about gifting a self-cleaning water bottle? Bet you never heard of that. This techie water bottle is called a LARQ. It uses a rechargeable UV-LED light to purify the water for drinking and cleaning. One charge lasts up to two months. For the germaphobe in your life, this is the perfect gift.

    A good fitness planner can come in handy too. The latest planners have all sorts of goodies like places for photos of before and after workouts, and inspirational sayings to keep you motivated. Many 12-month planners are expandable so you can add other items to them. Get creative!

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    New gym bags are a welcome gift too. They get pretty smelly and should be replaced when the stench gets noxious. Handy organizational features and rugged exterior are two things to look for. A ventilated shoe area is also an excellent thing for a gym bag to have. A nice touch would be to include a new lock with the bag.

    For her, a high-tech sports bra that monitors the heart rate is something every girl should have. Most versions have two sensor pads under each breast so that it can track steps and heart rate. The heart rate monitor also works with Bluetooth apps on your phone or smartwatch.

    Gifts for the fitness pro or the newbie

    Infusion pitchers are super popular right now, too. You can create your own workout drinks. Fruits or vegetables are loaded into the chamber of the pitcher, then just fill it with water. There are holes in the inside chamber, so when you shake it, fruit juice mixes with the water. You just made a fresh, healthy beverage you can take to your workout.

    Workout headphones make a great gift. Most of them are wireless, making it much easier to do your workout when wearing them. You can choose between over-ear models, noise-canceling models, or earbuds. Prices vary, with top brands like Bose, Beats, and Sony costing the most.

    For the techie who likes to work out, a smartwatch may the answer. The newest versions do all kinds of cool things. Besides fitness tracking, you can also enter calorie counts. You can see how long it’ll take to work off whatever food item you wish you wouldn’t have eaten last night.

    “To have good, healthy food delivered to the door on a regular basis seems like the coolest gift ever!”

    Another useful gift is a waist pack, previously known as a fanny pack. But these aren’t the frumpy kind your dad wore. These are made for running. It keeps all the essentials like your phone, organized and within reach. They include zipper pockets and adjustable straps that can be worn around the waist or over the shoulder.

    Hopefully, this gift guide will give you some ideas for fitness gifts for that fitness-obsessed family member who has everything. But does that girl on your list have a high-tech sports bra that monitors her heart rate? Or, a subscription smoothie box? We think not, so go ahead and splurge. It’s that time of year!

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