New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, and many folks are already listing their resolutions. Many of these promises deal with personal and financial growth. Unfortunately, some of these popular resolutions are simply not good for your well-being. Here are some alternative ways to get these goals accomplished.

Don’t Stash That Cash

In a national survey, saving money is the number one resolution for 2019. One major downfall for saving every penny is the stress it brings. In a recent study, worrying about saving money was linked to increased levels of blood pressure. Instead of throwing your whole check into savings, put a small portion in every week.

Giving Your Notice

If you’ve been at a dreadful job, you might want to find a new one. Unfortunately, quitting your job as a resolution is a major risk. Trying to find work today can be a tedious journey. Most people tend to quit in January, which means a larger pool of folks looking for a job. If you’re serious about leaving it behind, it’s best to wait until March.

Dream A Little Dream

Many people strive to not feel groggy when they head to work. Trying to oversleep in order to prevent this has its side effects. This can lead to cardiovascular disease, and there’s a slight possibility of death. Getting the proper eight hours a night is the only way to go.

Up In Smoke

You’ve probably heard one of your family members always making resolutions to quit smoking. As expected, it’s easier said than done. One reason why this always fail involves waiting until New Year’s Day to quit. If you want to drop the habit, pick a specific date to stop. Pick something memorable such as your birthday or anniversary.

Stretching Those Muscles

While deciding to workout is great, don’t have a full week of gym time starting on January 2. Doing so can lead to you getting burned out quickly from a sudden shift in your day to day routine. Start off slow with a schedule of one day in the gym per week. As you feel more comfortable, you can add more gym time to your schedule.