When it comes to having a simple drink, many love throwing something extra in the mix for fun. Unfortunately, that next ingredient can make things a bit rough for you in the morning. With various side effects present, these five items shouldn’t have any part of your next beverage.

A Dash Of Poisoning

Many people add apple cider vinegar as a way to shed some pounds. This kind of vinegar can actually trigger diarrhea and food poisoning. On the physical side, apple cider vinegar can rot your teeth and create unwanted skin burns. Only use it in small doses if you simply can’t get enough.

Easy There, Rockstar

Energy drinks are known for giving people that big boost of energy needed for the day. A select amount of people enjoy mixing this beverage with alcohol in hopes of a even higher boost. Unfortunately, this combination only gets you to continue drinking. The more you drink, the more you can damage yourself and, if you’re not safe, innocent people.

Mother Of Pearls

People that drink bubble tea understand the importance of tapioca pearls. Unfortunately, these items can be filled with toxic ingredients. In 2013, a bevy of them were removed from beverages in Singapore after the discovery of maleic acid. If too much is consumed, this acid can do permanent damage to your kidneys.

Pour Some Sugar On Me

Adding sugar to drinks has always been a problem. While it makes that refreshment taste better, it does some hazardous things to your body. From early aging to weight gain, sugar can change quickly change your appearance. The main problem lies in our daily intake, which is three times the recommended amount.

A Slice Of Germs

In restaurants, it’s quite common to have a slice of lemon attached to a cup. Since most lemons don’t get cleaned, a slice could have tons of bacteria. That tea or beer you’re drinking isn’t enough to halt its potential side effects. The only beverage that is able to dissolve bacteria is whiskey.