cold room

If you want to maintain a healthy weight, try sleeping in a cold room. Trust us; this may sound a little odd, but studies suggest this one trick massively helps to boost our metabolisms – and as we all know, quick metabolisms go hand in hand with faster weight loss.

The Science Behind This Theory

Back in 2014, the Journal of Diabetes published a fascinating article on how sleeping in cooler environments aid weight loss. This study surveyed five healthy men who slept in climate-controlled rooms over four months. They also controlled their calorie intake.

During the first month, the men slept in rooms boasting 75 degrees Fahrenheit, the second month they slept in a chillier environment of 66 degrees Fahrenheit; then the temperature was reset back to 75 degrees. Finally, they spent their last month sleeping in a cozy 81 degrees Fahrenheit.

What Happened?

In short, the colder their sleeping conditions, the quicker their metabolism. The researchers were able to monitor this by measuring the subject’s insulin sensitivity. This is generally considered to be an excellent indicator of metabolic health.

However, the benefits the men enjoyed were quickly undone when they went back to sleeping in warmer conditions. If you’re thinking of trying this yourself, you’ll have to continually sleep in chilly conditions for at least a month to get the full benefits.

Anything Else?

Ideally, your bedroom should be set between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. When we sleep, our body temperatures gradually lower. Interestingly, sleeping in cooler temperatures encourage our bodies to work their way through all our different sleep stages.

If you decide to sleep outside these temperatures, you’re more likely to disrupt your REM sleep cycles. This sleeping phase enables our brains to restore and replenish themselves, so it’s essential to get good quality REM sleep. If you’re feeling tired and irritable, try sleeping in a cooler room and see if it helps!