Negative Comparisons


Have you ever had a great day ruined by the creeping suspicion that somehow you’re not doing enough? Maybe you feel that your life would be perfect if you could just be like so-and-so. If these scenarios describe you, you’re bringing yourself down with negative comparisons.

Do A Social Media Detox

Social media is filled with retouched pictures and embellished stories of people who are presented as perfect. Of course, you’ll feel like a loser if you compare yourself to a model or an 11-year-old genius who just got a master’s degree. Give your brain a break!

Know Your Strengths

The fact that you compare yourself to others often means you’re aware of your weakness. Change things up by focusing on your strengths. You’re a boss at something, and that deserves acknowledgment. Force yourself to make a list of ten of your strengths when you’re feeling down.

Throw Your Time Line Out The Window

Some comparisons come from feeling you’re late to reach an accomplishment. Everyone doesn’t get a car at 16. Everyone doesn’t get a degree at 21. Everyone isn’t married by 30. It doesn’t matter when you reach your goals. It only matters that you reach them.

Become A Genuine Supporter Of The People Around You

Is it possible that your comparisons come from a place of jealousy? If so, combat these bad feelings by celebrating the successes of others. Be happy for their accomplishments, and don’t bring yourself into the picture. For example, your friend’s engagement has nothing to do with your singleness.

Turn Comparisons Into Motivation

There comes a point when comparisons can be healthy. Maybe comparing yourself to others alerts you to a reasonable flaw in your life. Rather than beating yourself up about it, fix it. Learn from the examples of people who are reaching goals faster than you rather than envying their success.