Sometimes you don’t want to head to the gym to exercise after work. Maybe you’re trying to avoid weirdos. Maybe you would just much rather go home and exercise in the comfort of your own space.

The only problem is you probably can’t afford a multi-million dollar facility. So how do you scale down and identify the right equipment to build a home gym? Here’s everything you need for an effective home exercise space.

Find The Right Space

To build your own home gym, you need to first decide where you want to set up the space. You can use a spare bedroom, office, or a back patio or porch. You need a large space that will allow you to move freely. If you can’t set up a designated room, use a small area in your home, like a living room, that can double as a workout room when you’re ready to exercise.

Set Up The Space

The workout space doesn’t need to be fancy. Clear the room of any furniture that would disrupt your exercise. If you prefer using a DVD player for your fitness programs, set up a television or computer in the space. We also suggest adding a mirror to the room to watch your movements or help with meditation.

Buy Your Equipment

Now that you have set up your home gym, you need to fully stock it with equipment. There are many options available, including resistance bands, adjustable dumbbells, stability balls, jump ropes, yoga mats, and a cardio exercise machine. Start with a few small pieces and gradually add more equipment to your gym.

Additional Supplies You Need

It’s not easy to have your own gym. You have to think of your own workout programs. Luckily, there are multiple bodyweight workouts available on YouTube, including Buff Dudes,, and more. In addition, we recommend downloading a fitness app to keep you accountable, as well as create a music playlist designated for your workouts.

Actually Use The Gym!

Put your home gym to good use. You can workout at any time you’re available—either late at night or early in the morning before you head to work. But you have to use the gym. After all, you worked hard to set up the designated space. You might as well use it! Just like a regular gym, you’ll only see results if you get up and exercise—all in the comfort of your home.