The world has been taken over by our electronic devices. We rely on our smartphones every day for almost every task. From banking to counting calories, your phone has become the center of your universe. Especially when it comes to tracking your health and fitness goals.

Social Media Has Taken Over

With over 800 million users, Instagram is the place to go for the hottest trends. Whether it be the best makeup tutorials or the most effective workout tips, it’s all available to you with a scroll of your thumb.

But how healthy can this possibly be, especially when it comes to body image and establishing a good fitness routine?

Social media can be detrimental to your mental and physical health. How many fit and fabulous Instagram models can you find showcasing their killer abs and scandalous workout routines? Quite a few.

This is becoming an issue.

It’s Become All About Appearances—Literally

There is nothing wrong with being physically attractive and knowledgeable about fitness, but it has become hard to deny that half-naked fitness models have become our go-to wellness gurus.

Sex does sell, but at what cost?

Take Instagram fitness sensation from Australia, Kayla Itsines. The creator of the “Bikini Body” fitness plan, this trim lady is worth around $46 million. A pretty face goes a long way, but what about going back to basics?

Fitness has become increasingly superficial. Even spiritual practices such as yoga require an Instagram model in barely-there yoga pants to get some serious views.

#Fitspo Needs To Be Reevaluated

It’s definitely time to go back to basics. We may need to give up smartphone use altogether for a bit to become more grounded in a healthy, realistic fitness practice.

Nudity may get some views, but maybe focusing on our own body goals instead can make a world of difference.

The media has brainwashed us to believe that anything that looks good is where we should put our full focus. Time to regroup, refocus, and break a sweat—without sweating the fitness models that we are constantly bombarded with every day.

Get fit for the #1 priority in your life, yourself.