The majority of Americans will experience knee pain at least once in their lifetime. Whether it’s caused by a traumatic injury, overuse, or something else, living in pain is never fun. So how do we rehabilitate and recover pain-free use of our knees? The 5 exercises listed here are a perfect place to start.

Wall Quad Stretch

Wall quad stretches are a great way to release tight quad muscles. When muscles are tight, they can interfere with the joints causing or increasing pain. Loosen the muscles and you’re likely to lessen the discomfort in the joint as well. The best part is, all you need is a wall.

Wall Slides

Like the last exercise, all you really need to do this move is a wall – and a pair of socks. Wall slides are an easy method of gently increasing range of motion in the knee and ankle. Recovering range of motion is one of the most important parts of joint rehabilitation.

Straight Leg Raises

This exercise is a powerful way to strengthen the leg muscles and ligaments. Because the leg remains straight, you avoid putting strain on the knee. It’s important to use slow and controlled movements to get the full benefit of this exercise. As a bonus, this move is also known to help with lower back troubles.

Quarter Squat

From a normal starting squat position, go down about a quarter of the way and back up in a slow, controlled movement. At the bottom of the squat, your knees should come just to your toes. Never let the knee go past the toes. This move is good for rebuilding the leg muscles that support the knee.

Single Leg Balance

This exercise is great for rebuilding the stabilizing muscles throughout the leg, and is done by standing on one leg for fifteen seconds. If your knees are weak, keep a chair or wall next to you as a safety measure. Over time you can increase the difficulty by balancing on something soft like a towel or pillow.