Yoga has, with good reason, received extreme praise from scientists and psychologists in recent years. It is a highly spiritual, deeply connective practice which is beneficial to both the body and mind. But, why should you be doing it in the morning?

The Youthful Power Of Yoga

It’s hard to argue against the incredible mental and physical effects that result from practicing daily yoga. While it can be difficult to motivate yourself to exercise, yoga helps build muscle strength, reduce weight, improve balance, and more. And the effects on the psyche are even more impressive!

If you’re trying to cope with stress, anxiety, depression, or loss of focus, yoga is a full-proof way to tackle these discomforting emotions. Attending even one yoga practice can boost your mood and lower levels of anxiety. It’s also helpful in sharpening your attention span and remaining mindful! However, depending on when you practice, you may not be reaping the full benefits of this healing practice!

The Strong Argument For Morning Yoga

Many who practice yoga struggle to get up early to tackle the habit and prefer to go through stretches before sleeping. Considering that the exercise lowers anxiety levels and relaxes the brain, this seems fairly reasonable. However, science has decided differently!

Recently, the American Psychological Association has advocated for morning yoga rather than pre-bed practices. For many, getting moving early may sound a bit torturous. However, there are some surprisingly fulfilling benefits to moving your yoga practice to the a.m.!

Practicing Early: The Unbelievable Health Benefits

One of the biggest perks of doing yoga in the morning is that you are more likely to stick with your practice long-term! Cortisol is helpful in forming habits, and your levels are the highest right after you wake up. Therefore, staying consistent with your yoga routine may depend upon you waking up a few minutes early to practice!

Besides forming a proper schedule, morning yoga also prepares your body and mind for the day ahead! You are more likely to feel well-rested, energized, and focused after practicing early. This means you can skip the extra cup of caffeine and feel just as awake! If you’re not convinced of the power of morning yoga yet, there’s only one way to know for sure…try it for yourself!