rich people

Jason Merritt

The sight of money is something that everyone can enjoy. Being able to buy whatever you want is a dream for many people. For the wealthy, every day is a glorious day. Unfortunately, they’re not so wealthy in one specific aspect of life.

Can’t Buy Me Love

When it comes to the rich, they have a hard time keeping solid relationships. Scientists at the University of Waterloo made this discovery with two experiments. They surveyed over 2,000 across the country about their many relationships. Many of the lower and middle-class individuals have a better understanding of how to settle social situations.

Those making higher amounts of money always find themselves on the opposite side of reasoning. They always tend to walk away from problems that money can’t seem to buy.

Money Makes The World Go ‘Round

To many, this news really isn’t news at all. Many wealthy people have a massive ego that can override basic human behavior. If that’s not enough, famous celebrities tend to go through relationships in peculiar ways. Many of them openly dump “best friends” over scenarios such as new gigs or higher popularity.

“The rich may have the affordances that provide the foundation for higher education and potential for wealth, but they may have less of the affordances that teach them—or force them—to reason wisely about interpersonal conflicts,” professor Igor Grossman told Time.

Money Changes Everything

Can the wealthy better themselves when it comes to having friends and significant others? Grossman believes it can work as long as they can actually understand the feelings of others.

“Take a third-person perspective and the perspective of the other person in the situation. Understand that situations and perspectives can change in time, and the importance of collaborating and cooperating to maintain long-term relationships,” counseled Grossman.