hot dogs


While anyone can grill a hot dog in theory, grilling a great hot dog is another story. Almost everyone makes some errors when cooking hot dogs; they’re more complicated than you think. These mistakes can easily be avoided, so the next time you’re having a barbeque, keep these five tips in mind to make your hot dogs as delicious as possible.

Splitting The Hot Dogs Is The Wrong Move

Cutting a slit into a hot dog lets the delicious flavor of the meat escape. Who wants that? Since they are typically pre-cooked anyway, cooking them thoroughly is not necessary. If you’re looking for a way to cook the hot dogs more evenly, try poking some tiny holes with a fork instead. The surface holes allow the steam beneath the casing escape.

Busted Casings Are Bad News

Speaking of poking holes in a hot dog, this step also works to keep the casings of your hot dogs from bursting. When the casing on a hot dog splits, it means the meat has gotten too hot, and you’re now overcooking it. There is no reason to overcook an already pre-cooked hot dog, that’s for sure.

Pay Attention To Where You Place Them On The Grill

The smaller the hot dog, the faster it will cook. Since most hot dogs are fairly small, placing them directly over the heat is not the best option. Try placing them somewhere adjacent to the flame if possible. They will cook more slowly and evenly, and taste better as a result.

Opt For Better Quality Meat

It’s true that you get what you pay for, hot dogs included. Just because hot dogs are quick to cook does not mean you should buy whatever is cheapest. Low-quality hot dogs tend to be a mash-up of meats, preservatives, and sodium, unlike the higher quality options which have a higher percentage of actual meat. High-grade hot dogs are not only tastier but healthier too.

Don’t Forget To Prep The Grill

You can easily avoid your hot dogs sticking to the grill grates by using a nonstick cooking spray on the grill before you begin your barbeque. Another helpful prepping tip is to always pre-heat the grill for at least a few minutes. This will allow a more even heat to reach the hot dogs, in turn making them all the more delicious.