Many of us visit the gym or take on a regular workout regimen at home to take care of our bodies, but what about keeping our minds in shape? You may not be giving the health of your brain a second thought— but with these five easy steps, you can make sure you are taking care of this most valuable organ.

Work Your Entire Body

Maintaining a regular exercise routine can really benefit your brain. Working your muscles can keep you in shape and keep blood flowing steadily to your brain, which means your brain can stay younger for longer. Not to mention regular exercise can lower your blood pressure and prevent a wide range of deadly diseases.

Keep Your Blood Pressure Under Control

High blood pressure isn’t just a risk to your heart health. Keeping your blood pressure within a healthy range can also prevent damage to your brain as you age. Staying active and lean while monitoring your blood pressure can slow any cognitive decline— so don’t forget to keep your heart health in mind.

Implement A Head-Healthy Diet

The foods you consume affect more than your waistline. Eating your fair share of fish, fruits, vegetables, and nuts, can keep your brain sharp, young, and healthy. Focusing on a plant-based diet can even help prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s or dementia, making your diet a key component to brain health.

Put Down The Cocktail

Excessive alcohol consumption is linked to a wide variety of health problems, including cognitive decline as you get older. Dementia has been linked to consuming large amounts of alcohol regularly, so skipping that afternoon happy hour may greatly benefit your brain in the long run. Consider completing an alcohol cleanse to see the immediate difference in your mind and body!

Take Care Of Your Emotional Health

If you constantly suffer from anxiety or bouts of depression, it may be harming your mind in the present day and in the long run. Those who have mental health conditions that go untreated typically score lower on cognitive ability tests — so be sure to talk to a licensed doctor about any mental health problems you may be experiencing. Your brain health depends on it!