I think we can all agree; crowded planes are the worst.

We all breath a sigh of relief when the seat next to us remains empty, but would you feel the same if we told you this mystery person could be the love of your life? Yes, this sounds hard to believe, but bear with us.

Get A Load Of This

Would it shock you to hear that a whopping one in 50 travelers finds their soul mate while riding an airplane?!

The source of this info comes from a recent survey conducted by HSBC Bank. They asked more than 5,000 passengers from across the globe about their in-flight experience and discovered that one in 50 people found their life partner while riding a plane.

How Do I Make This Happen?

If you’re on the hunt for love and about to board a plane, there are a few things you can do to increase the chances of finding a match. For example, downloading an app that allows you to connect with other fliers. Btrfly unites you with passengers from over 380 airports, worldwide.

Or, why don’t you give Planely or Inflighto a try? These are other apps that work like in-flight social networks. They allow you to connect with other travelers that have similar interests to you. They also encourage you to talk to one another, making them an ideal catalyst for meeting likeminded people in the air.

Hate Romance?

It’s not just love that’s in the air—it’s friendship too.

This survey also reveals that over half of airplane passengers start conversations with strangers during a plane journey. As many as one in seven fliers form long-lasting friendships during their flight.

Plus, 16% of us manage to add a new business connection to our professional network.

With all that being said, maybe you’ll think twice about ignoring the person sitting next to you on the plane?