mental illnesses

Many people that get diagnosed with mental illnesses often feel ashamed of themselves. Fortunately for them, they’re not alone in their journey. In fact, there’s a positive side to their situation, and it’s very beneficial. These mental illness harbor special abilities to help them along the way.

The Memory Remains

Bipolar disorder affects 2.6% of people living in the United States. Those living with this disorder have high levels of resilience and empathy. They’re also able to recognize certain scents and connect them with specific memories. Former WWE star AJ Lee wrote about living with this illness in the memoir Crazy Is My Superpower.

Who Are You?

Jim Carrey brought dissociative identity disorder to life in the 2000 comedy Me, Myself, & Irene. People with this disorder have the ability to not feel pain at all. Since they have more than one identity, they’ll often shift that pain into a previous identity. Comic book character Legion, who’s the star of his own TV show, knows a bit about this disorder.

Shining From Darkness

It’s no secret that many depressed people are some of the most creative ones out there. We see them deliver astonishing performances on stage or release incredible music. Well, depression gives them the power to increase their vision. Some of the most popular folks that suffered from depression, including Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, and Lady Gaga.

Unleashing Their Creativity

Folks living with ADHD have a hard time paying attention to things and simply can’t stand still. Their disorder, however, gives them the ability to be very creative in their field of choice. Justin Timberlake, Michael Phelps, and Sir Richard Branson are some celebrities that have this mental illness.

Nothing Buy Precise

Tourette syndrome affects one out of every 162 children in the United States yearly. This illness gives affected people the upper hand when it comes to eye–hand coordination and overall accuracy. Many famous people that have been affected by this illness include Dan Aykroyd, Marc Summers, and Howard Hughes.