It’s safe to say movies have a lot to answer for when it comes to widely held misconceptions about sex. Contrary to popular belief, men can’t keep bouncing back from session to session, no matter how virile he is! The poor bloke needs a rest.

The Male Refractory Period

By this we mean, the time a man needs to rest between orgasms. This varies depending on the man. For some, it’ll take a matter of minutes, for others it can take days!

After ejaculation, it’s natural for the penis to become flaccid. Signals from your brain tell the rest of your body to relax and unwind because it needs some time and space to reboot and recover!

The Science Behind The Male Refractory Period

After a man orgasms, both his dopamine and testosterone levels drop. Whereas, the amount of serotonin and prolactin he produces increases. If the man naturally has a lower prolactin level, his recovery time is usually shorter.

However, there are other variables to consider, including stress, alcohol consumption, energy levels, drug usage (some prescription medication can impact your ability to perform sexually), and general libido. These are all in addition to the state of your overall health and age.

Is It Possible To Boost Recovery Time?

Although you don’t have any control over some of these factors, you might be able to improve your refractory period.

Firstly, try and control your orgasms. Yes, it’s possible to still experience a pleasurable orgasm without ejaculating. You can learn to control your ejaculations through your breathwork; this also helps to delay the onset of your orgasm. It also helps to keep healthy. This means exercising regularly and filling up on food that’s good for us. Healthy bodies don’t usually take as long to recover after a workout, and that includes sex!