One of the biggest steps in a relationship is meeting your partner’s parents. Many things can go wrong in such an important scenario. Fortunately, things will go smoothly if you simply follow certain rules. We give you a few on what not to do during that tense first meeting.

No Drinks Allowed

Under no circumstances should you be drunk with their parents nearby. While intoxicated, you might do something foolish that you’ll certainly regret. Exhibiting drunk behavior in front of their parents might force them to try to change your partner’s mind. If they offer you a glass, simply say no.

Lying Through Your Teeth

Lying to your partner’s parents is a great way to get on their bad side forever. Come clean with who you are as a person. Their parents shouldn’t be seen as fools. If you make up a story about having a six figure job, they will find out eventually.

Lending A Hand

Something that many people tend to forget to do is clean up after the meeting. When everyone’s done eating, be sure to help out with the dishes. Simply walking away after a home cooked meal will leave them with a bad impression. If you don’t help them out, they might feel you’re doing the same thing with their child.

No Time For Taboo

There are plenty of hot topics that you should avoid bringing up the first meeting. Things such as politics and religion should go out of the door before saying hi. There’s a good chance that they might casually discuss these things during the meeting. At that point, it’s safe to give your thoughts on these subjects.

Save It For The Bedroom

In relationships, it’s common to want to snuggle or give your significant other a kiss in public. While it’s cute at the park, it should definitely be avoided in front of their parents. Many men will often feel afraid of displaying those kinds of emotions with their partner’s parents in the same area.