In the 21st century, meditation has become a popular way to find zen in everyday life. The hype isn’t for nothing. Meditation has been proven to decrease stress, promote mindfulness, and have positive effects on one’s mental and emotional health. While diving into meditation for the first time can be intimidating, new technology is emerging to support new and veteran meditators alike in achieving an effective mindfulness practice. These are a few awesome meditation tools that can help you unwind, relax, and be present.

Thync Relax Pro

While a brain-zapping gadget may not sound enjoyable, this peak meditation tool utilizes electric pulses to relax or boost your mind. This remedy for a racing brain allows you to first choose a waveform that will either make you feel more relaxed or energetic. It then produces the waveform via electromagnetic waves, sending them through a sticky headpiece and stimulating your nerves in your brain. You don’t have to fret over the validity of the device: it’s been created, tested, and reviewed by neuroscientists who swear that the effects surpass continual weeks of meditation. While it may not be effective for everyone who tries it, there’s no doubt that tons of research and science have gone into the production of the stimulating device. It may be the perfect piece of equipment to prep your mind for an incredible meditation session.

Muse: The brain-sensing headband

The hottest new app-pairable meditation device on the market is designed to help you achieve the perfect guided meditation for you. While some guided meditations leave you stranded between stressed out and chilled out, this Muse headband personalizes to your needs to ensure your mindfulness practice is effective for you. It works in tandem with the Muse app, which provides both ambient noises and develops a personal program for your meditation. Your Muse headband will measure your brain signals and send feedback to your phone when it detects that you’re stressed. Then, your app will design a personal meditation plan for you, even adjusting the path as you go if it detects stress. If your stress spikes during the session, it will turn the gentle nature noises of the app up in volume, helping you refocus on your meditation. Muse is also compatible with both iOS and Android and can be shared between multiple people. Getting the most out of your meditation is guaranteed with the Muse headband and app.

A sound machine

One struggle of trying to meditate is coping with the busy-ness of the world around you. This includes escaping the sounds that seem to slip in between every crack, from obnoxious traffic horns to noisy air conditioning. One way to cope with the side effects of trying to find peace in a non-stop world is investing in a sound machine. One of the most popular sounds to meditate to is white noise, as it is usually non-distracting, calming, and can help slow down racing thoughts. However, some people prefer more stimulating noises, such as soft music, forest sounds, rain noise, and more. No matter what works for you, investing in a sound machine can help you find your happy place without having to relocate to a temple in the middle of nowhere. A number of noise machines on the market include multiple sounds to set the mood for your meditation. A sound machine can help you escape from the rush of the world that keeps you from fully entering a state of mindfulness and relaxation.

Essential oils diffuser

Aromatherapy has been used for decades as a stress-reliever and mood-booster. Our sense of smell is strongly linked to our memory. By using a diffuser before or while you meditate, you can begin to associate the scent of a pleasant essential oil with your relaxing meditation practice. Smelling this memory-triggering oil beforehand can help your mind dive into your meditation practice without having to force yourself to get settled and begin to relax. Your brain will begin to link essential oils to relaxation and peace. A diffuser could help you ease into your meditation practice without any hitch. Certain oils tend to have more relaxing qualities than others. Lavender has scientifically proven anxiety-reducing properties. Jasmine oil, rose oil, and geranium oil also share similar stress-relieving qualities. Citrus and sandalwood can be mood-boosting and help combat anxiety and depression. An essential oil diffuser is a perfect pairing with your meditation practice to reinforce anxiety-quelling behavior.

A Tibetan singing bowl

If you want to keep your meditation practice unplugged, a Tibetan singing bowl is a perfect tool for mindfulness. These bowls have been utilized by Tibetan monks and monasteries throughout history. They are ancient tools of meditation, healing, and cleansing. Their sound produces a deep state of relaxation and peace in those who hear their tranquil noise. These bowls are all handcrafted, each coming with their own unique shape and calming sound. In order to use a Tibetan singing bowl, you simply need to strike it with a wooden mallet and rub the outside of the bowl with the mallet in a circular/clockwise pattern. You will hear its stunning sound swell and echo throughout the space you choose to meditate in. Most singing bowl vendors allow you to listen to the sounds of their bowls for sale, so you can track down a sound that soothes you. A Tibetan singing bowl is the perfect way to kick off any gadgets-free meditation practice.