Mark Cuban

Dallas News

Billionaire Mark Cuban is known for his wealth, his ownership of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, and his stint on the hit TV show Shark Tank. But what most people don’t know is the one thing that he attributes his success to: reading.

No Degree Necessary

Cuban’s love of reading didn’t come from attending an Ivy League school. In fact, he earned his bachelor’s degree in management at the University of Indiana without even visiting the campus. He chose the university because it was the least expensive of the top business schools.

After paying his own way through college, Cuban then moved to Dallas, Texas, where he found a job as a computer salesperson.

New Ideas

Within a year of becoming a salesperson, Cuban started his own company. Like he did in college, he read everything he could get his hands on. He was never given special access to any information. He read as much as he could and continued to search for new ideas.

His reading habit helped him compete in the computer business, which he had no formal education in. He’d chosen to learn as much as he could through books and magazines, thus allowing him to understand the business world in a way that his competition didn’t. His appetite for reading eventually led him to sell his first business for $6 million.

A Lifelong Habit

As he continued to enjoy the success of his business pursuits, Cuban also maintained his dedication to reading. He eventually sold his first webcasting company, Audionet, to Yahoo! for over $5 billion, and quickly diversified his wealth. He bought the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, partnered to buy the arthouse cinema chain Landmark Theatres, and co-founded AXS TV, the first high-definition satellite TV network.

Cuban credits much of his success to his lifelong love of reading. Even as he continues to enjoy the fruits of his labor, he still reads up to three hours every day, remembering the lessons of his first business success.