Unsplash/ @runejohs

There’s nothing better than getting your eyebrows done. Whether you’re into threading, waxing or plucking (or a combination of the three)— they all get the job done. You strut out the beauty parlor feeling like a million dollars. However, this bliss only lasts for a couple of weeks before regrowth sets in, and in the days leading up to your appointment, things start looking a little untamed… to say the least.

Not to worry, we have three fabulous ideas that’ll help your brows look their best during this weird limbo period. Let’s dive in!

1. Tweeze With Caution 

If you can avoid picking up the tweezers— full stop. The last thing you want to do is majorly mess up the shape of your brow just before your appointment.

However, if things are too hairy for your tastes, our best advice is to only touch the thicker, stubbly looking hairs residing either above or below the main shape of your brow. Avoid the tiny, fuzzy ones- your technician is the best equipt to deal with those.

2. Buy Brow Gel 

Brow gel is an absolute lifesaver. After you’ve finished applying your makeup, sweep a small amount over your brows. It’s incredible for taming overgrown and unruly hairs!

Using your brow brush, comb upwards, starting from the inner eyebrow and follow your brow’s natural shape. Don’t forget to clean your brush after using it; you want to avoid tainting the clear gel with your brow powder.

3. Fake It Until You Make It 

Grab a warm highlighter and add a minimal amount along your brow bone. This works wonders for giving eyebrows a more defined shape.

For the best results, apply primer first. This helps keep your highlighter in place for longer, so you can carry on with your day knowing you look amazing!