Ever wonder how the rich and famous always have flawless makeup? Professionals make them lovely. Professional makeup artists always have tricks of the trade (or hacks) that they use daily, and with great results. It’s their business to find ways to distinguish themselves from other artists. The best part? Their tips and tricks are easy enough to do at home!

Under The Sun

Most of us don’t have a super-bright makeup light to use when applying makeup. We rely on the weakened or diffused light of the bathroom mirror. This can lead to mistakes in makeup application. Before driving away to your date or meeting, check your makeup in the car’s mirror, where direct sunlight will point out any flaws you didn’t see in the indoor mirror.

Eyelashes That Stay

Applying glue to your false eyelashes can be quite tricky. Use a toothpick or a bobby pin. It makes it easier to draw a precise line and prevents unsightly clumps of glue. It’s also faster. It may also be easier to place a dot of glue on the tip of a bobby pin and carefully pull the base of the lash past the drop of glue.

Foundation Of Success

Isn’t it annoying when your lip color doesn’t last all evening? Lips that have lasting color are always the goal, for any look. One awesome trick pros use for getting color to last is to apply a thin layer of foundation directly on lips. Next apply your lip pencil and lipstick. Blot. Smile. Go!

Concealing The Under-eye Bags

Dark circles or under-eye puffiness are never attractive. Most of us were taught to dot concealer under the eye and then connect the dots. A more effective way to do it is to draw an upside-down triangle, with the tip of it at the bottom of your cheek, then fill in the area. This makes the eyes look brighter and bigger.

Apply Easily To The Eye

Everyone wants lashes to appear long and thick. For 2019, the pros are going for a more natural look when it comes to eye makeup. Mascara that’s cakey or clumpy looks awful. Transfer the mascara to your lashes using a plain old Q-tip, for lashes free of debris.  Q-tips are lint free, cheap, and easy to find.