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Is there a science for falling in love? Experts say that you can actually control love and “make” someone fall in love with you. You can use a variety of psychological tricks to convince someone to take a chance with you, which could eventually lead to a committed relationship. Good luck!

Eye Contact Is Key

Anyone who has told you about the importance of eye contact is right. Couples who look at each other 75% of the time during a conversation have an increased chance of falling in love.

If you have a crush on someone, all you have to do is stare deeply into his/her eyes for a long time. Doing this will trick their mind because it will remember the “love look” and your crush will think about you more frequently.

Be Honest With Them

People like an open, honest partner; therefore, it shouldn’t be too surprising that one way to convince someone to love you is to be honest about your flaws. If you’re honest about your awkward, embarrassing stories on your first date, your significant other will feel as though they are getting to know the real you.

Inside Jokes Are Important, Too

Once you become friends with your crush, you develop your own special language. You have inside jokes, special words you invented together, and even unique gestures. Find common interests. Do you like the same movie and want to quote lines from the movie in casual conversations? Creating a special language like this will help you understand each other, and your crush will want to talk to you more!

Give Them A Little Space

Talk to your crush often and make an effort to spend time together. Be near them often to build a special connection. But after several dates, psychologists recommend giving your significant other some space. Why is this important? You won’t get tired of each other, but your crush will also soon realize how important you have become in his/her life. They will miss you and desire to see you again!

Be A Positive Influence

It’s common sense that people prefer to spend time with positive partners— individuals who motivate and encourage them. The more positive energy you present, the more positive thoughts you will leave in your partner’s mind when you aren’t around. You don’t have to be perky all the time. Simply support your partner and they will love the energy you present.