There’s nothing like a quick morning jog to get the juices flowing before work. One of the worst things to happen during a jog is rain. This can quickly lower the mood and get you a bit frustrated. Fortunately, there are ways to make this trip a lot less painful.

Fabric Of Our Lives

Cotton is fantastic to wear to work or a night out with your friends. When it comes to rain, cotton is the wrong answer. Cotton is known to absorb water, and this means your clothes will still be wet long after the run. If you’re looking for something to wear on a run, try something with polyester or wool.

High And Dry

The worst thing about running in the rain is having wet socks. It’s not a pleasant feeling, and it can quickly lead to cold and discomfort. The best kind of socks in this situation are waterproof socks. With warm and dry feet, your run will be a lot smoother.

Ready For This Jelly

You might not think about Vaseline when you’re in the rain. No matter when and where you run, Vaseline is always your best friend. It can soothe any raw skin from showing up after your run. The most common places for chafing to happen are your ankles and armpits.

Hats Off To You

If you’re going to be hit with rain, you might as well protect your head. Throwing on a baseball hat is the best solution. This can really help you if you wear glasses. If enough rain touches your glasses, it can lead to some sight problems during the run.

Running From The Rain

You will be wet. If you think you can somehow outrun the rain, you are fooling yourself. Don’t throw on that rain jacket, though. Having it on can lead to overheating, and that’s not a great thing. Leave it at home and simply embrace being drenched in rain.