Sometimes you want your hair to grow faster because of a bad haircut. Other times, you just want long flowing locks, end of story. Either way, waiting is the worst. Luckily, there are some ways you can make sure your hair is growing as fast as it can. Instead of sitting idly by during the hair growth process, try these five effective tricks.

Supplements Are Your Friend

Taking a biotin supplement is a method of getting your hair to grow faster which nutritionists stand by. Results show that it truly does have an impact on the speed of hair growth, not to mention leaving hair strong and healthy. What’s more, it will also get your nails growing nice and strong too.

Scalp Massages Are Good For More Than Just Relaxation

Studies show that scalp massages stimulate hair growth by increasing circulation and blood to the scalp. This, in turn, makes your hair grow faster. A scalp massage can be done on wet hair in the shower or dry hair at any time of the day. Make sure you’re using a decent amount of pressure throughout the entire surface of your scalp for best results.

Trim, Trim, Trim

Getting regular trims, at least once every six weeks, has an indirect impact on the speed of hair growth. The reason it works is that you are getting rid of unhealthy split or damaged ends. Once your hair is free of those, it will break much less frequently, and thus grow longer in a shorter period of time.

Work A Scalp Scrub Into Your Haircare Regimen

The speed of hair growth can be greatly stifled due to hair product buildup and even air pollution. Using a scrub-style shampoo can fight this, exfoliating your scalp to remove the buildup, debris, and clogged pores. The end result is that your hair will grow faster than it would have otherwise.

No More Ponytails

Keeping your hair ponytail too much can have undesirable effects. The hair follicles are impacted by the ponytail in that they are worn down, making the production of hair less frequent. Even putting sunglasses on top of your head can have this negative effect, as it stems from the roots of your hair being pulled too tightly. Best to avoid these things if you want long hair.