A lot of media focuses on women and their insecurities, so people often think men don’t have the heavy weight of insecurities like women do. However, that is not the case at all. Men have plenty of insecurities they stuggle with, though they tend to hide them, as they are often even insecure about being insecure in the first place. Experts say these five insecurities are some of the biggest ones men deal with.

Hair Loss Is A Scary Thing

Men think baldness is unattractive, so it is no wonder they are so terrified of losing their hair. That fear is not exactly unfounded, either. By age 30, hair loss has already begun for many men, some even before that. However, it is not a fact that baldness is unattractive. In fact, many women find baldness very attractive. Perhaps knowing that would help men deal with insecurities with hair loss.

Wishing They Were A Little Bit Taller (Or Shorter)

Short men have a tendency to feel insecure about their height for two main reasons. The first is that they think women are not as attracted to short men. The other is they fear people won’t take them as seriously. On the contrary, very tall men are insecure too, finding themselves physically uncomfortable in small places (elevators and cars, for instance). They can also feel awkward as they are always towering over people of more average heights.

Their Eyes Are Looking Too Old

Men may not have the kind of insecurities about graying hair as women do, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t afraid of appearing old. Lots of men are very insecure about their eyes becomes baggy and old-looking with age. Not only a few men go so far as to visit a cosmetic surgeon to see if there is anything that can be done to correct the issue.

Being Underweight Can Be Heavier Baggage Than It Seems
Society tells us that men are meant to be big and strong, yet not all men are built that way. While the fear of being underweight almost never comes up among women, for men it is a real concern. Lots of men are naturally quite skinny, and even working out a bunch doesn’t add much girth to their build. Skinny men often feel very insecure about this.

Showing Emotions

Boys are taught by the world that showing emotions is weak and girly. They then grow up to be men who are insecure about showing their emotions for fear they will be looked down upon. As a result, we have a society of men who generally keep their emotions to themselves. Yet, men have just as many feelings as women do, and keeping them inside is not healthy.