Even though the Fountain of Youth is not real, there are ways to look younger whilst you inevitably age. One trick to stay looking and feeling young is all in the hair. Haircuts and hairstyles can have a huge impact on appearance, so why not use them to your advantage? Experts say these five hairdos will without a doubt make you look younger.

Curls Are The Epitome Of Youth

If you have natural curls and you want to look younger, leave those curls be. With ringlets and loose curls alike, a cut about shoulder length, maybe a bit longer, can work wonders. Just look at Oprah, for example. Even curly bangs are in these days. The last thing you want to do is straighten your hair, which will damage it. That will likely have the opposite effect, making you look older than you are.

Soft Bangs Are The Way To Go

Not only do soft bangs work to frame your face, but they also serve to hide some forehead wrinkles that tend to develop with age. The bangs should be soft and wispy, as that allows them to be swept to one side or the other, making your face appear youthful and full. Definitely avoid blunt bangs, because the last thing you want is to create a harsh line across the middle of your face.

Be Young With A Messy Braid

Everyone associates braids with young girls, but that doesn’t mean older women can’t use that lovely do to their advantage. In fact, a messy side braid is very in style these days, and will no doubt add some coveted youthfulness to your appearance. If you have time for it, a messy French braid also works well to subtract years from your look.

Layer Your Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts can be hit or miss for older women, but only if the cut is too blunt and harsh. The best idea for a short style is to go for a softened pixie cut, full of seamless-looking, blended layers. This will often mean not going too short, so some of the layers end up longer and sweeping across your face. It is a guaranteed youthful look.

Shaggy and Untidy All The Way

It’s all about the texture when you’re trying to look younger with a medium to longer haircut. This means going with shaggy layers, and instead of trying to style it too much, leave it messy. Scrunch it around with your fingers. Flick out the ends with a curling iron for an even more textured, young look.