The beauty products to make women look younger are endless. What many women fail to realize, however, is that they’re missing an opportunity to knock some years off their appearance not through a product, but with a hairstyle. Experts say certain cuts will always do the trick, and these five are a great place to start.

Keep It Short

If you’re getting older, keeping the long locks may be making you look older too. While long hair is often associated with a youthful look, that’s not the case if your hair is getting a bit thin. A short, choppy cut will serve you much better in preserving a youthful appearance.

A Frame For Your Beautiful Face

It is possible to get away with longer hair as we age, so long as the cut is right. Make sure your face is framed with some delicate layers to keep you looking young and stylish. Depending on the thickness of your hair, different types of layering are recommended, but the main point of framing your face still stands.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Soft Bangs

Soft bangs can hide forehead lines and wrinkles, which is great to keep your look young. Soft and wispy bangs are recommended, especially if your hair is not as thick as it once was. If you let them sweep to one side, you can even get the added benefit of a widening effect on your face, another trick for looking younger.

Curls Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Whether you’re young or old, curls are always a great look. From tight curls to bouncy waves, curls work wonders in helping you maintain youthfulness in your appearance. Experts recommend older women to keep their curls cut around shoulder length. Even more, curly bangs are in now, so you can work that into your style as well.

Go Bold Or Go Home

The bold, ultra-short pixie cut might seem drastic, but it is a cut that is popular on older women for good reason. Super short cuts are edgy, stylish, and most of all, fun. That means you’ll be looking young and fresh with a cut like this. It’s a naturally confident look that every older woman should at least consider.