When you’re on a plane, sometimes it seems like the pilot is sending mixed signals. The flight attendants are telling people to sit down, but the overhead seatbelt lights are going off. How can you avoid the wrath of the flight attendant?

All Signals Aren’t For Passengers

The flight crew has to assist passengers until it is absolutely necessary for their safety that they put their seatbelt on. That’s why you’ll see flight attendants and other crew members milling around the cabin minutes after passengers have been instructed to put their seatbelts on.

This does not mean passengers have more time to be unseated. When there are two rings in the cabin, and the seatbelt indicator lights flash, crew members will also sit down. If passengers wait until then, they can make it harder for crew members to get to their seats safely and delay takeoff.

What The Light Means On The Runway

There comes a point in the flight when you know that the plane has already safely landed. It seems like you’ve been waiting on the tarmac forever, but the seatbelt indicator light has been on continuously and flight attendants are telling you to remain seated.

This is for your own safety. Although the plane isn’t still airborne, there’s a lot of traffic on the runway, and the plane could have to drive to a different gate abruptly. Passengers who are prematurely standing up could be knocked down by the force of inertia.

What About The Landing?

Immediately before landing, the seatbelt lights will start flashing again. This does not mean that passengers can unhook. This is a final warning for flight attendants to sit down.

Always follow the crew’s instructions. They work with the pilot to keep passengers safe.