Life Hacks


No matter if it’s our commute, workday, or any daily task around the house, we are always looking for a shortcut to make our lives a little bit easier. Looking to give yourself more time during the day? Turn to these life hacks and watch your daily routine become seamless.

Keep Pesky Household Items In Line

Annoyed that your Swiffer broom never wants to stay put? Keep it from constantly toppling over by using a hanger. Just place the bottom portion through the hanger hole to make sure it stays right where you put it — until you need it next. This organizational hack will make the cleaning process much less stressful.

Trick Your Batteries

In need of some AA batteries but only have AAA on hand? Simply cushion the AAA batteries with tin foil to allow them to power whatever device you are using. This hack is extremely useful when you need some AA batteries immediately — especially when it comes to a flashlight or other necessity!

A Free Contact Case Is Within Your Reach

You know those condiment holders they offer you at your favorite restaurant? These come in handy for holding more than ketchup and mustard. Use these containers as a make-shift contact case, especially if you leave your everyday case at home accidentally. It’s as easy as labeling one case “L” and one case “R”!

Weighing Yourself Doesn’t Have To Be A Drag

Dreading getting on the scale? By placing a permanent sticker on the scale’s number you won’t have to worry about getting a new reading. If your goal is to feel good no matter how your weight fluctuates, this is the perfect option. It may defeat the purpose — but your self-esteem will definitely flourish.

Never Struggle With Jewelry Again

It can be extremely frustrating getting a bracelet clasp to fasten — and you may spend minutes trying to get the two parts to properly connect. Simply use a paper clip to hold one end to easily hook the two pieces. You will save some time and refrain from irritating your fingers.