There’s just nothing quite like peering into your beautifully manicured yard, at a lawn so green it burns your neighbor’s retinas. It takes a lot of work and money to keep it up – but we have several budget-friendly tips to help.

Do-it-yourself lawn maintenance

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Having a lush, green lawn is not something that happens overnight, and keeping it in such pristine condition requires constant attention. If this sounds like something you’re familiar with, then you’ve definitely experienced at least one of the following:

  • Not having the right equipment
  • Equipment failure and replacement
  • Excessive time spent on maintenance
  • Constant planning as seasons change
  • Forgetting to water, aerate, or fertilize
  • Sore back, or injury

American seniors, among others, know these difficulties all too well. When keeping your beautiful sea of green becomes more of a chore than a hobby, then it’s time to consider a lawn service. They offer many benefits, are actually very affordable, and they’re not difficult to find.

The benefits of a lawn care service

If keeping your lawn healthy and pretty were free, then everyone in America would have a lawn as green as The Hulk. But since it isn’t free, many people either break their back trying to keep it up, or become as mad as The Hulk when a patch of crabgrass threatens to ruin their entire yard.

If you want your grass as clean as a putting green (or at least a well-groomed fairway) then all of these services are necessary:

  • Healthy lawn tests and analysis (do you know your soil’s Ph level?)
  • Aerating, watering, and fertilizing
  • Bug control and prevention
  • Weed and crabgrass control
  • Mowing and edging

If it were all just about mowing and edging, then the day of the neighborhood kid meeting your lawn needs would still be around. Of course, the attraction of that service was that it was a cheap option, but did you know that nowadays you can get professional lawn treatment for just $30 a visit, and in some cases, even less?

If you’re considering hiring a lawn service, consider this:

If you’re starting to come around to the idea of switching to a lawn service, then you’ll need to gather some information to properly price the service.

  • Measure your lawn – Take a quick moment to measure your square-footage, as some treatments are way less for small lawns.
  • Consider what equipment you’ll need – What equipment have you been using, and is it sufficient? You’ll want to make sure your lawn care service has what you need.
  • Consider what treatment you’ll need – Do you want fertilizer and testing included in your service? If you do, that may incur extra costs, so it’s better to know this prior to searching.
  • Consider the costs if you continue to do-it-yourself – Lawnmowers range from $100-$1,000, not to mention weed-whackers, seed spreaders, and renting an aerator for $40-$60 a day.

Knowing these factors will help you get the service that you want, and ensure that you’re not breaking the bank to do it. Set a budget, figure out what you need, and then you’re ready to start searching for the right lawn care service.

How to find the right lawn care service

Not only is it cheap, but did you know that shopping around for an affordable, quality lawn care service is as easy as Sunday morning? Everything you need is online, and we’ve found some resources to make that search a lot easier.

  • Trugreen – Trugreen is the most trusted name in lawn care, and for good reason. Visit their website to choose between three different kinds of treatment, with three different prices. And all care comes with their “Healthy Lawn Guarantee.”
  • Home Adviser – Home Adviser will help connect you to a local lawn care service. Just type in your zip code, and the website will return a number of quotes for you.
  • Yelp – Yelp is fantastic because not only will it connect you to local services, but it will also tell you how your neighbors rated their business.
  • Angie’s List – In the same vein as Yelp, Angie’s List has comments and ratings from folks who’ve used the service before. The only difference is, Angie’s List is entirely devoted to the service industry.

For access to all of these fantastic resources, look no further than the highlighted boxes in this article. We’ve collected the best information out there, to help your transition from do-it-yourself care, to the peace of mind of knowing the professionals are in charge of this one.