Smiling is always attached to feelings of joy and happiness. It’s hard to not find one person smiling from winning the lottery or finding a great deal. Oddly enough, not every smile is the same. Certain smiles have a strong connection to your personality.

When I See You Smile

A group of scientists decided to find out how many types of smiles there are out there. For this experiment, they asked 90 males to record themselves saying a random speech. These speeches were played back to a pre-recorded video of a judge. This unnamed person recorded three different smiles to be aired following each speech.

The first smile shown was called the rewarding smile. This is the kind of smile you got from your mom when you received an A on your finals. If you don’t see your boss delivering this smile, you might be in trouble.

Smile In Your Sleep

The second smile on the list was the affiliation smile. This kind of smile is connected with those that have an understanding with you. You’ll often notice this during deep conversations with friends and family.

The final kind of smile is known as the dominant smile. You expect this from people who feel superior to you. Whether at work or on the basketball court, this is always flashed by your competitors.

Smile Like You Mean It

These three sets of smiles join the 50 smiles that have already been discovered. These smiles include the fake smile, the victory smile, and the sleepy smile.

In the end, a simple smile can impact someone’s day. “Actions speak louder than words, and a smile says, ‘I like you. You make me happy. I am glad to see you,”‘ stated How to Make Friends and Influence Peopleauthor Dale Carnegie. No matter if you’re feeling blue or holding onto hope, keep smiling.